How to Reset a Pioneer Radio

If you have a Pioneer car radio installed in your car, you may be able to reset the unit without having to take it to a professional. More than likely, the problem is with one of the settings on the car radio and you will be able to change that setting so that your stereo system works normally again.

How to reset pioneer radio

How Do You Reset A Pioneer Car Radio?

  • Turn on the radio.
  • Adjust the volume to a minimum by pressing and holding down “VOLUME -.”
  • Press and hold the “eject” button on top of the unit until you hear a beep sound (approximately 3 seconds).
  • While continuing to hold down your “eject” button, press the track-up button within 5 seconds (approximately 1 second). Wait for your radio to reset itself after that, it should start playing again with all presets intact.

Different Pioneer Car Radio Models And How To Rest Them

1. Pioneer DEH

You can set your Pioneer DEH to its factory settings by performing a “system reset,” which returns all of the radio’s settings to their original states. This is similar to something you can also do when your radio keeps changing stations by itself. This is useful if you’ve accidentally altered a setting and want it back to how it was when you first got it, or if you’re trying to troubleshoot an issue with the radio. Follow the following steps:

  • Press and hold the SRC button until the display shows “Reset”.
  • Press and hold the selector button until you see “System Reset” in the display and then release both buttons. The unit will perform a system reset.
  • Turn down your volume knob to about halfway, or press any button twice for 5 seconds. This will turn off all sound from your stereo, then turn it back on again so that you hear two beeps (this can take up to 20 seconds). Once this happens, your stereo should now be reset.

2. Pioneer AVH Car Stereo

Step 1:

Tap the gear icon on your Pioneer radio. This will bring up a menu with options for different functions, such as “Bluetooth Settings” or “Car Stereo Setting” (pictured below). You can also tap “Settings” if you want to see all the settings available in one place.

Step 2:

Tap the Wrench and Screwdriver to open up a list of things that need fixing (below). From here, you’ll be able to choose between “Reset Car Stereo Audio Settings” and “Restore Car Stereo Audio Settings.”

Tapping either option will lead you down another path of sub-menus where you can make changes if needed before hitting “reset” at the bottom of the screen when you are ready. You can have a look at this post on some of the common symptoms of a bad ground car audio as this might be essential to successfully reset your Pioneer radio.

3. Pioneer Single DIN Receivers

You can also use this method for any of these models from MVH-S522BS, MVH-S320BT, MVH-S322BT, MVH-S720BHS, DEH-S5200BT, DEH-S4200BT, DEH-S4220BT, DEH-S7200BHS, DEH-S6200BS, DEH-S6220BS.

Once you have removed your face plate, locate the reset hole. You will need a paperclip or similar object to push into this hole and then press down firmly until you hear a clicking sound come from inside your unit. After doing so, put everything back together again properly.

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4. Pioneer Double DIN Receivers

  • This method of resetting also works for any model among the MVH-S620BS, MVH-S622BS, FH-S520BT, FH-S722BS, and MVH-S420BT.
  • Find the Reset Hole

In most cases, the reset hole is right by the USB port. There’s a button inside that you’ll have to press. that you can use to reset it. The location and appearance of this button vary from model to model, so you may need to consult your owner’s manual for more specific instructions.

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  • Hit the Reset Button

Once you’ve located the reset hole, carefully insert a paper clip into it until you feel resistance, and then push it down. This should clear any error codes in your Pioneer Double DIN, allowing you to continue using it as normal.


Congratulations! By following the steps above you have now successfully reset your Pioneer radio. If you do not feel comfortable performing these tasks yourself, consult a qualified car audio professional who can help with any of your car audio needs.