What is the Sway Warning Toyota Feature?

sway warning alert on a Toyota

Some Toyota models include a vehicle sway warning feature as part of the brand’s multi-faceted system known as the Toyota Safety Sense. The Vehicle sway warning is part of a Lane Departure Alert (LDA) System that monitors the vehicle’s location within its driving lane using a camera-based sensor. The sway warning Toyota feature is a … Keep reading

How to Reset Traction Control Light

how to reset traction control light

Step 1: Locate the OBD-II Port First, locate the OBD-II port in your car. It’s usually under the dashboard, near the steering column. If you’re not sure where it is, check your vehicle’s manual or do a quick online search. Step 2: Connect the Diagnostic Tool Grab your handy diagnostic scanner or OBD-II code reader … Keep reading

Turning AFS Off in Lexus & Tips for Using the Adaptive Front-lighting System

While AFS can be a helpful safety feature when driving, there may be situations when turning it off might be necessary or preferred. For example, you might find AFS distracting or annoying when driving on straight roads or in slow-moving traffic. In these situations, turning off AFS can help reduce the potential for distraction and … Keep reading

How to Reset ‘Engine Fault Service Now’

engine fault service now - what is it?

“Engine Fault Service Now” is a warning message that can appear on the dashboard or instrument panel of your car. This message indicates that there is a problem with your car’s engine that requires immediate attention. Here are some of the reasons why you may be getting this warning: 1. Low Oil Pressure When your … Keep reading

Green Car Light on Dashboard? [Here’s What You Need to Know]

green car light on dashboard

The green car symbol on the dashboard has various indications. It could indicate that the vehicle’s engine is running and the vehicle is ready to be driven. It also serves as a visual confirmation that the vehicle’s immobilizer system, an anti-theft feature, is active and functioning properly. In some vehicles, the green car symbol may … Keep reading

BMW Chassis Stabilization [Meaning, Reasons for Malfunction, & How To Fix it]

chassis stabilization bmw

The Chassis Stabilization feature in BMW cars helps to improve handling and stability and protects you and your passengers from feeling any impact of bumps and potholes on the road. But just like any other feature, things could go wrong and you start seeing the message ‘Chassis Stabilization: Drive Moderately’. What does this mean? Read … Keep reading