Car AC Not Cold When Idle? [Causes & How to Fix]

The most common reason why your car AC is not cold when idle is a lack of refrigerant in the AC system. This can occur over time. Refrigerant helps to cool the air in your car’s AC system. If there isn’t enough of it, the AC will not be able to produce cold air. Another … Keep reading

How to Remove Freon From Car without Recovery Machine [Step-by-Step]

Removing Freon from a car’s air conditioning system can be challenging, especially if you don’t have access to a recovery machine. However, with the right tools and techniques, it is possible to safely remove Freon from a car without needing a recovery machine. Step 1: Locate the Low-Pressure Service Port The first step in removing … Keep reading

Car Air Conditioner Whistling: Here’s Why

car AC system with whistling noise problem

It can be unsettling to hear a whistling noise when you turn on your car’s AC on a hot day. Sometimes, the AC starts making this whistling noise immediately after it’s turned on. Other times, the noise starts after a few seconds. Whichever way you’re experiencing it, I’ll explain the causes and show how to … Keep reading

Car AC Compressor Running But Won’t Take Freon

car AC compressor running but won't take freon

Does your car get hot any time you put on your air conditioner? If yes, the reason for this is that your AC Compressor is malfunctioning. This experience can be frustrating especially when the AC compressor won’t take the refrigerant known as freon. The main reason for this is that your AC Compressor line is … Keep reading