Car Won’t Start When Engine is Hot? [Causes & Fix]

Hot-starting problems can be caused by various issues, including problems with the fuel system, ignition system, battery, or even the engine itself. Here’s a deep dive into the reasons why a car won’t start when the engine is hot. 1. Faulty Fuel System The fuel system is responsible for delivering fuel to the engine, and … Keep reading

Ford Fusion Won’t Start – Causes & How To Fix

ford fusion won't start

Wondering why your Ford Fusion won’t start? Here are the most likely reasons and how you can fix it: 1. Dead or Weak Battery If your alternator is faulty or you leave electricals on with the engine off, your battery can die or become weak. When this happens, your car won’t start and you won’t … Keep reading

Ford Edge Won’t Start – Causes & How To Fix

ford edge won't start

Getting into your Ford Edge to go about your business for the day and suddenly, you realize that your car cranks but won’t start. There are very few worse starts to a day. Ford Edge is one of the most durable vehicles anywhere in the world. However, just like any other automobile, it can develop … Keep reading

8 Reasons Why Your Mazda CX-7 Won’t Start

Mazda CX-7 won't start

Mazda CX-7 is an all-wheel-drive SUV and it is indeed an excellent car, but you need to understand that it can also break down just like other machines.  Every car is a machine that could easily develop a fault, especially if there is no proper maintenance. However, you don’t have to panic when you experience … Keep reading