How To Mirror Android To Car Screen – Step By Step Process

In this day and age, you’d be forgiven for thinking that technology has advanced to the point where everything can be easily mirrored from one device to another. And while it’s true that there are plenty of options when it comes to transferring files between platforms or even across devices, there’s still one avenue for technology transfer that is lacking: Miracast. 

If you’re looking to mirror your Android phone or tablet to your car’s screen, you’re going to have a tough time doing so unless you have the proper tools on hand. I’ve compiled a list of some of the best ways to mirror your Android to a car screen to enjoy all of its features while on the go.

There are several ways by which you can mirror an android to your car screen. Some of it includes the following:

how to mirror android to car screen

MirrorLink is a standard for connecting a smartphone to a car’s display. It allows you to use the features of your Android or Windows phone on your car’s built-in touchscreen, but it does not allow you to make calls and texts from the car. To use MirrorLink, you need:

  • A dongle (adapter)
  • A compatible smartphone with Android or Windows 10

1. Connect Android and Car Stereo via A USB Cable

The first step to mirroring your Android device to the car stereo is connecting it via USB. You can either connect your Android phone directly to the car stereo or connect it through a dongle that connects to your phone and then plugs into the port in your vehicle’s stereo system.

When you connect directly, you need only plug one end of a USB cable into the charging port on your phone and then plug the other end into a power source (such as a cigarette lighter) or another USB port on your car stereo. If there isn’t an available spot on your stereo system, look for an adapter that acts like an extension cord between two devices and plugs into power from either side.

If using an adapter doesn’t work for some reason, use a dongle instead: Plug one end of this small device into any available port on your vehicle’s audio system; then plug another end into one of those ports on the bottom edge of any smartphone running Android 4.4 KitKat (or later).

First, you’ll need to open your Android and go to Connection Settings > MirrorLink. Tap the MirrorLink button. If you want to connect and accept a connection from other connected devices, tap Yes.

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How to Mirror Android To A Car Screen By Android Auto Adopter Dongle

Look no further than the Android Auto Dongle if you’re looking for a way to mirror your Android phone screen and control it with your car stereo. It connects to your car stereo via USB and can be used with any Android Auto device installed. This means that this dongle works with almost everything, whether you have an old phone or one of the latest flagship devices.

1. Open Your Phone and Download The Android Auto App

You’ll need to download the Android Auto app from the Google Play Store on your phone to start. Once it’s downloaded, open it up and log into your account. Then hit the start button in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen to launch the app.

Once that’s done, go back to your car and turn on Bluetooth so that you can connect with your phone (if it isn’t already enabled). You should see a notification asking if you want to “Connect” or “Reject.” Select Connect if this is your first time pairing devices together; otherwise, select Reject and make sure that both phones are connected prior to starting setup on either device again for best results.

2. Plugin The Android Auto Dongle To The Car And Connect It To Your Phone Using A USB Cable

  • Plug the Android auto dongle into the car’s USB port with a USB cable.
  • Connect your phone using another USB cable if there’s no available port in your car or a non-USB OTG cable to connect both devices.

How To Mirror A Car Screen Using Android Auto

Android Auto is a car entertainment interface that allows you to mirror your phone’s screen on the dashboard. It can be used with any phone, but only if your model is compatible. To set up Android Auto in your vehicle, download and install it on your phone.

1. Go into Settings > Android Auto On Your Device

Make sure Mirror Phone is enabled so that you can use apps and play music from your device through the car speakers or audio system. You may also want to enable Stay Awake so that when you’re using Google Maps for navigation, for example, the display doesn’t dim after a few minutes (which can happen when using third-party apps).

 You’ll need a WiFi router connected to both devices in order for this feature to work properly; otherwise, it will not connect via Bluetooth or USB cable connections instead (if possible).

2. Press The Android Auto Icon On Your Car Screen And Start Using The Android Phone On The Car Screen

Now you’ve got everything set up, and your Android phone is ready to be used as a screen for your car stereo. To get started, press the Android Auto icon on your car screen and start using the Android phone on the car screen. 

You can use it to control the music playing over the speakers or make calls with Bluetooth-enabled devices like wireless headphones. Your phone’s Google Assistant can also answer basic questions about weather, traffic conditions, sports scores, and more without taking your eyes off what’s happening on the road ahead.

The Importance of Mirroring Your Phone to Your Car Screen

It’s the age of smart devices. You can easily control your home theater with one click on your smartphone. With the emergence of Android Auto, it is now possible for you to apply the same technology to your car. You can use mirroring on Android to place images and audio from your phone onto a bigger screen, such as a television or computer monitor. This allows you to share content with others while enabling them to view things more clearly and comfortably than they might on a smaller device, like a smartphone or tablet.

Also, Mirroring your smartphone to the car screen is a great way to use your Android device as a navigation system. It’s also more convenient than using a separate navigation system, which is often expensive and complicated. Using this method, you can use your phone to play music, podcasts, and games while you drive.


It is a simple guide to mirroring your Android phone to your car screen. It all depends on the type of devices and apps you have at hand. With the right approach and app, you will be able to easily mirror your Android device to your car screen without any issues whatsoever.