What Are E Rated Tires?

an e-rated tire

If you have plans to haul, carry, or tow heavy loads, you must understand what your tires can handle. The modern-day load range of tires is typically associated with letters from A to L. These letters correspond with tire plies which were previously used to refer to how tires are manufactured and how many physical … Keep reading

What is the Sway Warning Toyota Feature?

sway warning alert on a Toyota

Some Toyota models include a vehicle sway warning feature as part of the brand’s multi-faceted system known as the Toyota Safety Sense. The Vehicle sway warning is part of a Lane Departure Alert (LDA) System that monitors the vehicle’s location within its driving lane using a camera-based sensor. The sway warning Toyota feature is a … Keep reading

Car Swaying Side to Side? Causes & How To Fix

repair work being done a car swaying side to side

Worn-out shocks or uneven tire wear may cause your car to sway from side to side. In either of these situations, a change of the shocks or tires may be required to fix the issue. Other reasons why your car would sway include worn tie rods, uneven tire pressure, and steering issues. Let’s have a … Keep reading

Car Squeaks When Reversing: What it Means and How to Fix It

car gear shifted into reverse before it starts squeaking

Here are some of the reasons why your car squeaks when reversing and how to fix the issue: 1. Engine Belt Problem The engine belt, often referred to as the serpentine belt, is responsible for driving various components like the alternator and power steering pump. When this belt becomes loose or damaged, it could result … Keep reading

LS 706 Head Specs [Features & Comparison with Other Cylinder Heads]

706 heads, also known as “706 cylinder heads,” are a specific type of cylinder heads commonly used in engines produced by General Motors (GM), specifically in their LS series. These cylinder heads are quite popular among engine enthusiasts due to their compatibility and desirable features. The name “706” comes from the casting number associated with … Keep reading

Service B6 Mercedes [What is it & What Does it Involve?]

A Mercedes car undergoing service b6

Service B6 of Mercedes vehicles involves the replacement of the air filter and spark plugs. These replacements ensure that your engine breathes better and fires efficiently, both crucial for effective performance. Here’s a breakdown of the procedures involved: 1. Air Filter Replacement A breath of fresh air is as important for your Mercedes-Benz as it … Keep reading

Service B7 Mercedes [What is it & What Does it Involve?]

Service B7 is a Mercedes maintenance schedule that is required every 20,000 miles or two years (whichever comes first). It mostly involves the servicing of your transmission system components and fluids. In this post, I’ll give you a checklist of the different things I pay attention to during a B7 service for my Mercedes and … Keep reading

Service B4 Mercedes [What is it & What Does it Involve?]

The Mercedes Service B4 combines all other servicing tasks plus the air filter servicing, spark plug servicing, and sunroof cleaning and lubrication. Here’s a breakdown of the procedures involved: 1. Air Filter Service In Service B4, the air filter undergoes a thorough check. If necessary, it’s replaced to ensure an unrestricted flow of clean air … Keep reading