Wera vs Wiha Tools – Differences & All You Need To Know

wiha vs wera tools

Wiha and Wera are two German-based tool manufacturers that have existed for a long time. They both offer tools that are so high quality that most times most people are confused about which one to go for. The differences between Wiha and Wera are subtle, so they’re difficult to compare, but here in this article … Keep reading

M12 vs M18 Milwaukee – What Are Their Major Differences?

milwaukee m12 vs m18

The main difference between the M12 and the M18 is their battery. Even though these products look similar, their batteries make all the difference. Let’s take a look at what makes their batteries different. 1. Battery Life The M12 is a 12-volt tool, which means it is smaller and lighter than the 18-volt M18 counterpart. … Keep reading