Radio Keeps Changing Stations By Itself – Reasons & How To Fix

Your car radio is an essential part of your driving experience. It helps you pass the time when driving to and from work and gives you something to listen to while running errands on the weekends. However, if your radio keeps changing stations by itself, that can be a real problem.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to fix a car radio that changes stations by itself so you can get back to listening to your favorite songs on your favorite stations.

1. Receiving Interference

When you’re experiencing interference from a radio or device that isn’t your own, there are several checks you can do to identify the source of the problem.

First, check for any loose wires that may be causing an electrical short between your device and its power source. If this seems unlikely to be the cause of your problem, check for continuity in all of your ground wires and make sure all connections are secure.

Also, check for nearby sources of interference if someone else is using their radio nearby, it could cause interference with yours as well. This is especially true if they have an older model with outdated technology or settings that aren’t optimized for use without causing electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

Finally, see if there are other devices around yours that might interfere with its signals: microwaves and other wireless routers can wreak havoc on even moderately powerful radios like those used by most hobbyists today.

If you’re having trouble getting a clear signal on the radio, there are a few things you can check:

  • Inspect your antenna. Has it been damaged? Is it bent or broken? If so, this can cause interference in your car’s electrical system. It may also be time to replace the antenna altogether.
  • Check the wiring for any damage or defects that could be causing problems with the electrical flow within your vehicle’s system.
  • Check if anything is loose inside of your stereo or speakers this includes loose wires and faulty connections between components (e.g., between speakers).
  • Finally, make sure that all of these components are plugged into their proper outlets either directly into an outlet or through a power cord connected to an outlet (if they aren’t already).

2. Loose Wires

If the radio keeps changing stations on its own, these are some things to check:

Check that all connections are tight. Make sure there aren’t any loose wires or connectors in the back of your car radio.

Check that all wires are connected and not broken anywhere along their length. If there is a broken wire, this can cause interference as well as cause your radio to behave erratically.

When you’re checking for loose wires, be sure to look under all components in your dash and behind them if possible so no one is left out.

3. A Bad Ground Wire

If your car radio keeps changing stations by itself, it could be a bad ground wire. You can check out this post on other symptoms of a bad ground car audio. The ground wire is the wire that connects the car to the earth, which helps regulate your vehicle’s electrical system and keep everything in working order.

A loose ground wire can cause static on your car radio as well as other parts of your vehicle to malfunction when they shouldn’t. The ground wire is usually located under the driver’s side floor carpeting. If you look closely at this area of your vehicle, you should be able to see a copper-colored cord that has been cut into about three feet long sections or so (you may have more than one section).

These cut pieces need to be connected in order for everything else in your car’s electrical system and thus, its functions to work properly again once they’ve been disconnected by accident due simply electric shock damages caused by moisture buildup over time (this happens when water gets trapped inside cables).

4. Accidental Push of a Button

Check the buttons on your stereo. Sometimes, a button may be stuck and will keep turning on the radio when you don’t want it to. If this is the case, try pushing the button repeatedly until it clicks into place or reaches its neutral position. If this doesn’t work, check that there isn’t any dust or debris preventing the button from moving. If so, clean off with a soft cloth before trying again.

Check whether or not there is a button on your steering wheel that controls your radio settings (if so, these should be labeled). It’s possible that this has been accidentally pressed causing your car to switch stations when you don’t want it to just like with any other button on your stereo.

5. Sticky Knob on the Stereo

If the radio keeps changing stations by itself, it’s possible that there is dirt or dust on the knob. To fix this problem, check to see if there is anything stuck on or around the knob. If so, use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to wipe away any debris that may be hanging around.

If you still find yourself having trouble with your stereo after trying these steps, then it might be time for you to replace the current knob with one from a parts store or electronics store near you.

6. Old Car Stereo

If you have an old car stereo, it might not be compatible with the new radio. You may need to upgrade the car stereo or find another one that is compatible with your new radio.

If your wiring harnesses are not connected, you will need to install wiring harnesses for both of them. These can be purchased at your local auto parts store and installed by a professional mechanic or yourself if you have experience doing this kind of thing.

For most people, this is probably something that should be left up to professionals because it could lead to further damage if done incorrectly.

How to Fix a Car Radio that Keeps Changing Stations by Itself

1. Check if Your Vehicle has a Good Grounding

You can check if your car has good grounding by using a multimeter. This device measures voltage (the difference between electrical potentials), current (the flow of electrons through a conductor), resistance (the opposition to current flow), and other properties that affect electric circuits.

First, turn off all power sources for safety reasons before checking them out.

2. Look for Open Wires

Start by checking the wires connecting the stereo to the antenna. Do you see any that are loose or exposed? If so, fix them! Then check the wires connecting your stereo to its power source and speakers. If you find any that are damaged, replace them.

Finally, check that all of your speaker connections are tight (and not just your speaker’s left and right sides make sure all of its connections are secure).

3. Check Humidity

Did you know that the humidity in your car can affect the way you hear radio stations?

If you have a leaky sunroof, it could be introducing moisture into the cabin of your vehicle. This can cause static on AM or FM frequencies, and it might even cause your radio to switch to another station all by itself.

If this happens, try turning off power windows and turning off signals for a few minutes before turning them back on again. This should help clear out any moisture from the inside of your car.

4. Try a Firmware Update

Try a firmware update. To perform this procedure, follow these steps:

  • Download the firmware update and save it to your computer.
  • Unzip the downloaded file and copy the folder that appears onscreen to your USB drive (the same one that came with your radio). Make sure you have enough free space on your drive for this process; if not, delete some files or move them elsewhere before continuing.
  • Insert the USB drive into the radio’s USB port.
  • Turn on the receiver from its power button or remote control, then press MENU while it boots up; there should be an option called “Firmware Update.” Select this option to begin installing new firmware onto your device.


Hopefully, these tips have helped you pinpoint the issue behind your radio changing stations on its own. If you’ve determined that it’s not a problem with your car stereo, but instead an issue with the antenna or wiring, then we hope you can find a solution here to fix it.

When all else fails, see if your car manufacturer offers a firmware update for your radio. You might also want to think about having someone take a look at it if you’re uncomfortable dealing with anything electrical yourself; there are plenty of auto repair shops that would be happy to give you expert advice on this kind of thing.