Ford Fusion Won’t Start – Causes & How To Fix

Wondering why your Ford Fusion won’t start? Here are the most likely reasons and how you can fix it:

1. Dead or Weak Battery

If your alternator is faulty or you leave electricals on with the engine off, your battery can die or become weak.

When this happens, your car won’t start and you won’t hear any cranking sound. You may hear rapid clicking sounds.

Use a multimeter to test the battery. A healthy car battery should read 12.6 volts. If it reads below 11.5 volts or above 14 volts, the battery is dead and needs to be recharged using jumper cables.

If it’s recharged and it still keeps dying, then your alternator is likely faulty. Inspect the alternator for any physical abnormalities like loose wires. You can re-attach a loose wire if that’s the case.

But, if you can’t spot what the problem could be with the alternator, engage a professional to have a look at it.

Ford Fusion wont start cause of dead battery

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2. Poor Battery Connection

If any of the two connector cables is loosely attached to the battery terminals, your car won’t start.

Use your fingers to wiggle the cable connection. If the connection feels loose, that is likely the cause of the starting problem.

Use a spanner with head sizes in the range of 8mm or 10mm to tighten the connections. This should be enough to get your car to start.

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3. Clogged Fuel Filter

If the fuel filter is clogged with dirt, your car won’t start. You may just hear a cranking sound.

Your fuel filter could get clogged due to contaminated fuel, additives, a bad fuel pump, or rust in the system.

The Ford Fusion’s fuel filter is part of the fuel pump assembly, and it’s not easy to access.

If you ruled out the battery as the issue, consult a professional to inspect the fuel pump assembly.

ford fusion wont start due to clogged fuel filter

4. Broken Starter

A broken starter is another common reason why your Ford Fusion won’t start. The starter’s job is to kickstart the engine.

If it’s broken, you can’t start the car. If you hear a rapid constant clicking while trying to start the car, a broken starter could be the problem.

Get a mechanic to loosen it and have it replaced.

ford fusion wont start

5. Failed Alternator

The alternator generates the energy your battery uses to run the car. If it fails, your battery will die once it uses up its stored energy. When this happens, your car won’t start.

If your battery dies even after recharging or replacing it, the alternator has failed.

This is caused by loose cables. Inspect the alternator and reconnect any loose cables.

ford fusion wont start due to a failed alternator

6. Fuel Pump Failure

Fuel pump failure can prevent your Ford from starting. Your fuel pump can fail if you’re used to driving on low fuel or using contaminated fuel.

Run a scan on the car. If you get a P00C6 error code that says “low fuel pressure”, you’d likely need to replace your fuel pump.

Ford Fusion wont start due to fuel pump failure

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7. Rodent Damage

Rodents may damage the wires under your hood, especially near dumpsters. If the kickstarter or alternator wires are affected, your car won’t start.

Inspect the wirings for any damages. Fix minor damages by re-attaching the wires yourself. If there’s a major issue, get help from a car electrician.

ford fusion wont start due to rodent damage


Various factors can prevent your Ford Fusion from starting. Fixing some issues, like recharging the battery or reconnecting broken parts, is straightforward.

Fuel pump problems need more advanced solutions. You can identify these issues if you know their symptoms.