What Does The C and H Mean in a Car Dashboard?

The C and H in your car dashboard represent the temperature gauge. The “C” means “Cool” while the “H” means “Hot”. This gauge helps you tell your engine’s temperature.

I’ll explain how the engine temperature gauge works in the following sections.

whta does the C and H mean in my car

What Does it Mean When The Temperature Guage is on “C”?

The C is the lower end of the temperature gauge. When you start your car, especially in colder weather, the engine will be cold.

The temperature gauge needle starts at “C” and moves toward the middle as the engine warms up. This is normal as the engine reaches its optimal operating temperature.

What Does it Mean When The Temperature Guage is on “H”?

The “H” is the higher end of the temperature gauge. If the needle goes to “H,” the engine is running hot. This is a sign of overheating.

What to Do if Your Car’s Temperature Gauge is on “H”

If you notice the temperature gauge is on “H”, pull over to a safe spot and turn off your AC if it was switched on. If the temperature doesn’t go down after a few seconds, turn on your hearer to the highest. This should reduce the excess heat from the engine.

If both options fail, turn off your engine and gently open the hood of the car. After about 30 minutes to an hour, open the radiator cap and check if you still have coolant in it.

If there’s no coolant, then you either have a leak in your radiator or your radiator cap was not tightly sealed.

But, if you still have coolant in your radiator, turn your ignition to see if the engine fan blades rotate. If they don’t, then that’s your problem right there.


Understanding the meaning of “C and H” on your car dashboard is very important because it will help you indicate the temperature of your car at any point. This will most often save your car from breaking down while driving.