Brake and Battery Light On? Here’s What You Should Do

battery and brake light on

Brake and battery light on indicate a problem with the car’s charging system. This could mean that your alternator is faulty or totally damaged. Below are some of the major culprits of this issue: 1. Faulty Alternator The device that turns mechanical energy into electrical energy is called an alternator. It’s a very important part … Keep reading

Check Gauges Light – Meaning & How to Fix

check gauges light

The Check Gauges light is a warning light that appears as part of the vehicle’s instrument cluster. Its location can vary depending on what type of vehicle you drive, but it is usually found in or near the speedometer and tachometer. The light comes on when there is an issue with one or more of … Keep reading

Drivetrain Malfunction on BMW – All You Need To Know

drivetrain malfunction bmw

The BMW drivetrain malfunction is a warning light that usually comes on when the engine is under load, like when you’re pulling away while overtaking or driving up a steep hill. Possible Causes of a BMW Drivetrain Malfunction 1. Overused Spark Plugs Spark plugs are responsible for igniting the fuel in the combustion chamber. They … Keep reading

How to Reset Service Brake Assist

service brake assist - what does it mean

When the “service brake assist” warning appears on the dashboard, the brake assist system is faulty. It’s possible that the vacuum pump is bad and needs to be tested for suction. In this case, it needs to be replaced and its components reassembled. The system uses sensors to detect when the driver applies brakes and … Keep reading

Service Advancetrac Warning Light

service advancetrac

Have you been seeing the ‘Service Advancetrac’ warning light on your dashboard and wondering what could have gone wrong with your vehicle? This is a pretty common issue with the Ford F150, Mustang, Explorer, Fusion, Edge, and Expedition. Most times, the warning light is followed by a loss of power in your steering and faulty … Keep reading