Toyota Rav4 BSM Meaning – All You Need To Know

BSM (Blind Spot Monitor) is a security feature on newer car models that alerts a driver of the presence of a vehicle in their blind spot. Its function is quite similar to the rear cross-traffic alert that warns a driver of an approaching vehicle when backing up.

The BSM helps to alert you to the presence of vehicles that might escape detection in side-view mirrors. This is designed to enhance your confidence and optimize the safe operation of your car.

In this post, we’ll be focusing on the Blind Spot Monitor on Toyota Rav 4 limited models. We’ll take you through everything you need to know about Rav4’s BSM from what exactly it’s all about to its usage, maintenance, etc.

How to Turn On BSM on Toyota Rav4

If your Toyota Rav4 is equipped with the BSM feature, you’ll find the button on your dashboard – just to the left of your steering wheel. To activate this feature, press the button to turn the blind spot monitor on. It’ll illuminate and you’ll hear the sound of a buzzer. This will be accompanied by indicator lights in the outside mirrors coming on for a few seconds as part of an initial system check.

When an adjacent vehicle enters your blind spot area, that area’s side-view mirror indicator will illuminate. If you signal a lane change in that direction, the indicator will flash to get your attention.

To turn off the BSM, press the same button labeled ‘BSM’ on the left side of your steering wheel and the feature gets turned off.

bsm toyota rav4
Toyota Rav4 BSM Button

Major Functions of The BSM on a Rav4

1. It Assists You with Lane Changes

The Toyota RAV4’s BSM can be helpful if you find it difficult to stay in your lane. It uses a camera and sensors to detect when your vehicle begins to drift out of its lane. This can happen for different reasons, such as sudden steering movements or excessive speed variation within the lane. The BSM alerts you via warning chimes or messages on your display.

2. It Helps You Safely Leave a Parking Spot

The BSM feature can be very helpful while leaving a parking spot. With it, you can see what’s behind your vehicle even if it is dark outside or if there are some blind spots.

This helps you avoid any damage to your car or other cars. If there is something in your path while leaving the parking spot, the system will alert you so that you don’t hit it.

bsm toyota rav4 indicators
Toyota Rav4 Side-view Mirror BSM Indicator

How to Maintain The Blind Spot Monitor on Your Toyota RAV4

1. Always Keep The Area of The Rear Bumper Clean

Keeping the area of your rear bumper clean is very important to avoid interference. If you have a lot of dirt or snow on it, use a soft brush or clean cloth to clean it off before starting your car.

2. Get The Sensors Checked Periodically

It’s a good idea to have the sensors checked at a service center periodically, or as often as you service your car. You can never be too careful with a safety feature.

3. Never Remove The Radar Sensors

The radar sensors are important for the operation of the blind spot monitor and must be installed as original equipment. The sensor must not be removed from its mounting location to avoid damaging it.

4. Don’t Attach Stickers Near Where The Sensors Are

If you want to add a little flair to your vehicle, it’s totally fine to do so. You just need to be mindful of where you’re putting them. If a sticker is placed directly above or below one of the radar sensors, it could block the radar waves and cause false alarms with your car’s safety features.

5. Never Paint Over The Area Where The Radar Sensors Are Installed

If you paint over the area where the radar sensors are installed, it can block the signal from reaching them. This could interfere with their ability to detect objects. Painting over these areas can also cause the sensor’s performance to worsen or even fail.

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How to Fix Faulty BSM on Toyota RAV4

1. Turn The Car Off and Back On

Turning the car off and back on will reset the BSM in a Toyota RAV4. After 10 to 15 seconds, you may switch it back on to see if the warning clears. If it doesn’t, try the next option.

2. Visit Your Toyota Dealership or an Auto Shop

Get in touch with your nearby Toyota dealership or a reputable independent auto repair if switching the car off and on doesn’t solve the problem.

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Can Toyota RAV4’s BSM Work in All Weather Conditions?

No. The BSM Toyota RAV4 is not an all-weather system and does not work in all weather. However, it does provide optimal driving performance in most weather conditions. Here are some reasons why the BSM may not work in all kinds of weather conditions:


As you can see, the BSM system on your Toyota RAV4 has a lot of benefits and uses. The fact that it helps with lane changes and parking is great for drivers who need assistance when they are a big deal. You can engage it through a multi-information display on your car or through the BSM button.

Maintaining your BSM will help ensure that it lasts long, and would increase its effectiveness. You can maintain it by keeping the area of the rear bumper clean and servicing the sensors periodically.

It’s important to note that the BSM can not work in all weather conditions. This is because heavy rain, fog, or snow can cause it to malfunction.

Lastly, you can fix a faulty BSM by turning off your car or visiting an auto shop.