Why Does My Apple Car Play Keep Disconnecting?

Apple’s CarPlay is an infotainment system created exclusively for iPhones. The CarPlay interface on your car’s display is meant to appear and function similarly to iOS, and it makes it easy to access iPhone capabilities through the car’s interface.

This car play is a better and safer way to use your iPhone while driving. It is a device that allows you to keep focused on the road and still be attentive to answering calls and getting directions to your destination.

So, I understand how frustrating it can be when your apple car play, which is supposed to help you obtain turn-by-turn directions, make calls, send and receive messages, and listen to music, keeps disconnecting while you are driving. However, rather than being upset with the situation, it is necessary to find out what the problem could be and how you can resolve it.

We will be looking at various reasons why your apple car play keeps disconnecting, but before then, let’s see how you can connect your iPhone to your car play.

why does my apple car play keep disconnecting

How To Connect Your iPhone To Your Car Play

Connecting to CarPlay is an easy task, but you’ll most probably need to use a USB cord. CarPlay via Bluetooth is available in only a few vehicles.

  1. Plug your iPhone into the car’s USB port and a Lightning wire
  2. If your car does not automatically enter CarPlay mode when it detects your iPhone, you will have to do so manually. If you don’t see the CarPlay button, check the user manual for your vehicle

Reasons Why Your Apple Car Play Keeps Disconnecting

1. Incompatibility

One of the reasons why your car’s autoplay keeps disconnecting could be that your iPhone and the car’s infotainment system are not compatible.

You would need to find out if your iPhone is running the most recent version of iOS and if your vehicle’s infotainment system is also up to date. And also, make sure your car model supports iOS. If not, your iPhone will not connect to your car and play successfully.

If they are both updated and the problem persists, you can then try connecting your iPhone to another car’s entertainment system to see if the issue is about compatibility.

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2. Loose Cable

If your car supports CarPlay with a USB cable, then the issue could be from the cable when it is connected to your phone. 

When you connect your iPhone to your car with a loose cable, it will keep disconnecting, especially when you are in motion. In this case, the remedy is to keep plugging and unplugging the cable, or better still, buy a new cable that can fit perfectly.

3. Your Automobile

The problem could also come from your car. Apple car play is a feature on some modern vehicles that allows you to access your phone applications via the car’s touchscreen display, making it easy for you to receive and make calls, play music, etc.

However, if there is signal interference between the car and the phone, it might cause connection issues. And this could mostly occur if it is a wireless connection and you are traveling through a dead zone—this is a place where the connection is insufficient or non-existent. In this case, you will be able to reconnect when you are out of that area.

4. Power Management

Your apple car play system is powered by the car’s internal battery. Therefore, if there is a problem with the electrical system, it may experience a malfunction and may shut down or cease entirely.

So, if your CarPlay system is continuously disconnecting, it might be because the car’s battery is not generating enough power to keep the system reliable.

However, you can check your car battery yourself if you have a basic understanding of electronics and knowledge of multimeter settings and reading multimeter data, or you can take your automobile to a mechanic and get it inspected. They will be able to diagnose and repair the issue for you.

Solution To Apple Car Play Disconnecting

  • Reboot Your Phone: If you’re having trouble with your Apple CarPlay connection, consider turning off your iPhone and restarting it later. This can aid in resolving some connectivity difficulties. If the issue persists, please reach out to Apple Support for further assistance.
  • Update Your Phone and CarPlay: Make sure your phone’s iOS version is updated. And also check to see if your car has any built-in protection against interference from other devices. If not, you may want to consider installing an external antenna for better reception.

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Aside from the reasons listed in this article, your Apple Car Play will most likely disconnect due to a software issue. You can upgrade your device and restart the system. A complete reboot will usually resolve the problem quickly. However, if you are still experiencing issues, you will have to take your car to a technician to find out the issue and suggest the best solution.