Aux Cord Not Working In Car – Causes & How To Fix

Are you finding it difficult to play your favorite music in your car with an auxiliary cord? Then, you need to keep reading to find out why your car aux cord is no longer working.

An aux cord allows you to connect to your car’s aux port and listen to music or podcasts while driving. If you are not able to connect your cord to the aux port, then there is either a problem with your phone, AUX cord, or your car’s aux port.

There are several reasons why your cord would be able to function effectively when you connect it to your phone and car. Aside from the cord being faulty, you need to understand that the problem could also be from the aux port. Your vehicle’s Aux system may be completely damaged or loose. 

 Here are some of the several reasons why your car aux cord is not working.

aux cord not working in car

Possible Reasons Why Your Car Aux Cord is Not Working

1. Damaged Aux Cord

This is one of the common reasons why your cord is not working in your car. A damaged cord will not work when it is plugged in. This is because it does not have what it takes to work the way it is supposed to function.

If it’s a new cord, it could be that you bought a fake one made with low-quality materials. However, if you have used it for a long time, then it’s likely that it’s worn out.

2. Loose Cables

When we use your aux port regularly, it won’t perform as it used to when you first used it. Many injections and rejections can damage or lose the AUX port. Making your cord unable to fit properly into the port. This is another reason why your cord will not work in your car. If this is the case, you would need to get a new one to enjoy your favorite music while driving. 

3. Broken Aux Port

An aux port is a spot in your car where you insert your auxiliary cord. Therefore, when your aux cord seems not to be working, you need to understand that the problem is not always the cord. It could also be that the aux port is broken. When you have a damaged port, your cord cannot function. 

Touching and handling an AUX port regularly will cause typical wear and tear. Whether the system fails outside or inside, it might have an impact on its performance.

4. Worn Out Aux System

This is another reason why your aux cord seems to not be working in your car. The auxiliary system, like any other device, can also get worn out when used for a very long time. This could lead to some components gradually deteriorating, causing the aux system to not respond when you plug in your cord. 

Trying to fix it is not the best option because even if it works, it will still stop responding. Therefore, it is best to replace it with a new one. If you want to find out if this is the problem, try using the cord for another aux system.

5. Wrong Installation Of Aux Jack

If you just worked on your car’s aux jack, then it could be the reason why your cord is not working. When you connect a wire or another component incorrectly, your aux will not be able to respond, making it difficult for your aux cord to carry out its duty. 

This is because any minor mistake can affect its functionality. In this situation, you need to take your car back to where you fixed it so that the technician can open your audio for a thorough examination.

6. Wet Aux Port

When your car’s aux system is wet, it can make it ineffective when you want to, making your cord not work when plugged in. This is because when water penetrates an electrical device’s internal components, the chances of it malfunctioning are considerable.

Moisture from drinks or beverages may eventually deteriorate your aux port. Therefore, it is important to avoid keeping liquids away from the auxiliary system.

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Finally, before concluding that your aux cord is not working, you need to make sure it is properly connected to both devices. Furthermore, it is necessary to clean your aux port. If you haven’t done it in a long time, dust will accumulate inside the gadget. And too much dirt can clog the AUX port, making your cord not work in your car. If you buy a new cord that seems to be an original or change your car’s aux system and it’s still not working, then you will need to visit a good technician that can find out what could be the issue.